Our passion is Alpacas

from breeding, birthing, and husbandry, to end products


to Emmanuel Hill Ranch


My alpaca journey started as most of my larger endeavors; lots of research!

I first asked myself what am I interested in, what am I good at, and what am I passionate about. I love animals, I’m good at organizing, enjoy helping people, a logical thinker, and passionate about streamlining processes/systems.

I started by helping vaccinate my stepdad’s Angus cows, and then volunteered at a 200-acre New Zealand purebred Kiko goat ranch. Although both were very interesting adventures (I still help with cow vaccinations), I didn’t feel either was the right fit.

Not just another ranch

A baby alpaca is called a cria

Suri Breed

My granddaughter walked Tara from the stalls to the show floor at CABA all by herself!

“Within 4 months of purchasing my first alpacas, I purchased 10 more!”

Sheila, owner of Emmanuel Hill Ranch